The importance of Boundaries in a relationship

I think very rarely do I see people posting anything about this.  This doesn’t have to be in a love relationship sense but with many relationships in general.

Although for the purpose of this blog, I will very much talk from the perspective of  a romantic relationship.
To often we will fall in love with an individual but we never really have ‘that talk’. What do I mean.

What is acceptable in a relationship and what is not.

1.  lack of communication is a red flag warning and if the person is unable to communicate their feelings this is often a massive warning sign for the path of the relationship. The importance of this factor is so vital to a healthy, happy relationship. 

2. What morals do you have, what morals do they have. If they believe its right to deal with emotions in a destructive way and you dont clearly there is contradiction in beliefs. This will invetibly cause fights and arguments. Either needing to explain right from the off of differences and having to change your viewpoint or them having to change theirs, is the only way this will be resolved.
3. The influence of people namely friends. If you just want happy positive people in your life and the other person is drawn to self absorbed destructive people this is a complete red flag. This will also end in disaster. Being honest about the type of people you wish to be around and be encouraged by is the only way. Happy positive souls make for a positive life. Friendships should never rake presidence over a relationship and if they do its time to start questioning the motives of your partner.

4. Self destructive behaviour, this is a massive red flag and should not be tolerated. We are responsible for ourselves. Choosing to destroy your mind and body with substances, unhealthy eating and also negative patterns will only lead down a negative spiral of death. 
If any of these are prevalent or have been prevalent in your relationships, its time to reassess your situation. Do you want to know or be with someone who wont aknowledge their issues. Everybody deserves a chance to change but if they dont and if their lifestyle is at odds with yours why should you accept their behaviour.


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