How to love yourself fully deeply and implicitly, self love, health and care.

‘ if you dont love yourself, how can you expect another being to love you’.
Being at peace with who we are and where we have come from no matter how bad or good our upbringing was is the only way to be true and to be happy.

If you dont value who you are deep down, if you dont treat your body and mind right your outerworld will not be pleasant. You will attract negative things, negative people, negative habbits.
Accepting who we are for our flaws, good points and being honest with yourself about your positives and negative traits will help you to be a stronger individual.

Loving yourself is giving yourself enough love. Standing in that love and saying world this is who I am take it or leave it. No drink, no substances, just you. Just you and what you came to do on this Earth. 

You might feel inadequate about looks, inadequate about certain things. Every person is beautiful. Every person has a gift to offer the world. Find what your gift is.

I found mine. Helping people to laugh and helping and listening to people. I realised this was my gift. I care implicitly. Finding myself a purpose gave me a real sense of joy and happiness.  I am here for something.

I love myself for who I am. I love my mind, body, soul, everything. It took a long time to stand in this confidence. I am me. I wouldnt change me for anything. I can be challenging at times but thats what makes me unique, I can be demanding and I know when to reign that in. I might want to tweek certain things about my body but I wouldnt be me if I did.

It took a while to listen to compliments, ‘you are sooo funny’. Am I? Yes I am, ‘you are attractive’, yes I can see that, ‘you are a hoot’, you dont care what people think’, no I dont and you know what its liberating. Its not narcissistic. I just have learned to love myself and accept the good with the bad.

Loving your mind and body are the most postive things you can do for yourself. I see that I am part of something much bigger than me. I am on a spiritual journey.Through taking a step back and looking at myself properly I have learned and grown as an individual.

If you dont like who you are its time to start getting intimate with yourself. Its time to stop being fake. First, get your body healthy, eat right. Love your body. Care for it. Nurture it, water it and feed it with luscious veg, next nurture your mind. Read and stretch yourself, search deep in your mind for unhealthy patterns. Then search your soul. Search long and hard, you will find yourself there. No bells, no whistles, no tvs, no phones, no people.
Just You! 


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