Karmic Relationships and friendships, people come into your life for a reason and people leave for a reason, lessons for the Soul, personal growth and development

I am what we call ‘awakened’, I have always been a spiritual person although bought up in a strict religious setting. I dont follow religion but I follow spirituality. Spirituality isnt about sitting there and saying Omm and praying to Buddha. 
It’s a feeling and a belief that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, the Universe. The Universe guides and ultimately controls our destiny. We have free will and the ability to make choices but at the same token we are also sent tests, situations and people to help develop our character and make us realise what our true path is really all about. 
After a series of crazy tests for myself. I am now fully aware of the Universe’s role in providing us things, events and people. It took a few years to be fully aware. Once I was aware I started to realise how powerful our minds are and also how powerful the Universe is.

When Negative things happen in our life. The natural reaction is to coil in horror. However, no matter how many tears you shed, or how much anger you release over the negative events. They always happen for a reason. You might not see it but later on things will be clear.

They make us stronger and more in line with our path, they make us think twice about ourselves and our character. They make us think twice about our choice of relationship and what we want from another person.

Ultimately, people bring lessons, be it good or bad. There is a reason why you connect with someone and a reason why we disconnect with people.

Over the years I have released many people from my life. Simply because they no longer served a purpose. As I grew older I became wiser and what I wanted out of friends and relationships just wasnt being served. I was no longer a teenager but a fully grown mature Adult and I ultimately saw through fake friendships that wouldnt last. If any ended on a sour note, it was in order to teach me a lesson and ultimately it was because I was too giving of myself and people usually took advantage of that.

When negative people enter your life. Its to shake you up, if they are destructive and cause pain. Its too shock you into rethinking your own belief system. Its to guide you to better things. 

Positive people help you grow. Negative people weigh you down. I have now become meticulous with who I vibe with. If I dont feel a connection, a happy one. I will kindly aknowledge presecene but in my own heart I aknowledge that we will never be on the same page. Through my strong intuition I am able to weed out who the good ones are amongst the fake people. Its a gift I was born with.

I vibe with people who are happy souls, who dont need drink and who are content with who they are and what they do. I love happy people. They make the world a more brighter place and even if they have stuff going on. They will always try and have a sunny disposition about life.

In the same vain Relationships that dont grow and make you a better person, have come into your life to teach you, you need to grow. We cant be the same person we were at 17. I know I am not. I have grown into an independent strong women and I had to learn to do that by myself. Something I wouldnt have entertained before. 

I am thankful for my lessons from the people that taught me well. I will always love myself first before anyone and anything and I will always release those who no longer serve me.

Happy People, positive vibes, positive life.


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