The Power of the Universe, law of attraction, manifestation, positivity and happiness

Happiness begins with you. If you dont like yourself you cant possibly make anyone else happy. 

This is such a true statement. I will admit I found it a difficult to begin with. Being negative and cynical was easy for me, but a series of events changed all this.

As soon as I dropped my attitude of negativity, positive things started to happen, this is from attracting money into my life, holidays and friends as well as situations.

The mind is a powerful tool and when we use it wisely we can create our own reality. When you vizualise in your minds eye your true hopes and desires, you are able to change your destiny by wishing for it and raising your vibration. 

We are vibrational beings, we all have energy, like attracts like, positivity attracts positivity. If you think negatively you will only ever attract negative things and people.

Its really strange sometimes when I wish for things and really think about it I am able to attract that specific thing.

I have found since I have raised my vibration as a being on this planet, the people that have surrounded me are good happy people who share the same sunny disposition as me.
Do I always think that unicorns crap out rainbows no, do I have negative feelings yes, I am only human, but being aware and being able to change those and turn negatives into positives is what helps me.

The universe will send you whatever you desire as long as it is for your greater good. This is the law of attraction. I was always a sceptical person whilst spiritual when I first heard of this I was like hmmmm.

My hairdresser told me how her friend manifested a job and a house within a year simply by looking at a picture board of her dream job and house every day. This was in london and I couldnt believe it.

After doing some research about the 12 laws of the Universe, everything made sense. 

Law of relativity- we are all given tasks and situations to learn lessons, once we have learned that lesson, the universe will stop testing you.

Everything in these universal laws made sense to me. 
I try and now live my life by it believeing that things happen for a reason, fate happens for a reason. 

The importance of staying positive when everything is negative is helpful.

So give it a go. What do you have to lose ?


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