Technology and TV; and how they both negatively impact on Relationships, Friendships and Mental Health, how joining a commune seems like a good idea 

What has all this Technology done for us?..sweet FA, everybody is so connected by everything these days, but yet 1 in 3 people suffer from Depression or a serious Mental Health condition, there is a 6 month waiting list to speak to a Counsellor on the NHS and the Mental Health services are crying out for more funding, people’s levels of unhappiness are Higher now than during war time. Lets just stop and pause for a minute…

So what you have to ask yourself is, is any of this helping the Human Race? Whilst I agree that the Human Race is on a path of Modernity and that through History things have naturally evolved in order for society to efficiently run, I very much hesitate to accept that the changes in the last twenty years have had a positive impact on peoples lives as evidenced specifically by looking at studies of happiness, rates of suicide and the highest rates of mental Health Conditions the UK has ever witnessed.

In an age where if you havn’t got the latest I-Phone you are socially cast aside, but at the same token you are more concerned about said I-Phone that you forget the very human beings that surround you. You neither care for the moral implications of how the phone was put together, the lives that were lost during production of phone and the slave driving conditions that workers are put under…but no its more important that Santa delivers your I-Phone so you can be seen as ‘up on Technology’. I loathe these people.

I an age where I have to ask people to put their phones away at the table, when you have not met eachother for years but people are obsessed with the likes, shares and comments in this self absorbed world we live in, that they can’t spend more than an hour from their phone or a screen. 

I feel very sorry for those who lock themselves a way night after night pretending that the gaming world that they are a part of is, is real life. That they would rather participate on a game, than spend quality time person to person with Family and Friends. Its sad that we live in an age filled with such low self esteem and unhappiness.

Some days I just want off this World, with recent reports that Social Media (all forms) has a detrimental impact on Mental Health, that people believe the world that people post, when the sad fact is they never tell the world the whole story. The envy, jealousy and bitterness because said friend has a more fantastic lifestyle and said friend owns a yacht, a House, has a baby. The constant comparisons are damning. When you think about it logically, its fairly stupid, before the rise of consumerisation and Social Media, it was much harder to keep up with peoples lives, unless they were obviously a part of your life. Now its all shoved in our faces at the click of a button.
In an age where partners know all the characters of Game of Thrones but couldnt tell a single thing about the depths of their partners soul or what their likes, dislikes are, its very sad and obviously telling that its an inevtibility that break ups happen as well as marriages falling a part. 

These are all just Distractions. Distractions to life. 

I myself barely watch TV, Dont have Netflix, dont play games, and limit my time on screens. As I am a sensitive soul, too much TV drags me down and always has. I need to feel free and go out enjoy the fresh air and see the World.

The thing is I am much Happier for it. I dont condemn it all but I do feel people need to go back to zero. I feel people were a lot happier when they didnt have the constant headache of it all.

I spend quality time with people and I have a good circle of friends who do a myriad of activities and as we only have one life on this planet I would rather spend it wisely with those I love than waste it sitting in front of a screen.

Some days I want to be free and not bothered by all of it. I feel sometimes although I engage in Social Media and blog like this, I wonder what it would be like to join a commune and live a more simplistic life growing Veg..

…maybe just one day…. untill such time I will continue posting my thoughts on here



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