Here are my points for recognising High Dependency on alcohol in a person. Starting with if they can only ever relax with a drink that’s the first red flag…

1. Do they suffer from low self esteem, issues communicating, trouble with dealing with emotions, they are likely a very sensitive person deep down and turn to drink as a way of coping with stress, life etc

2. If Addiction is rife in their family, it is likely they inherited genes that meant they were prone to having Addictive tendencies plus if they grew up in an environment where drinking was the norm to deal with issues as well as smoking or drugs, it’s a double whammy and these learned behaviours get absorbed from a young age.

3. They can’t stop at just one drink, they have to have more, sighting 2for1 offers or looking out for bargains. Alcohol is a drug, it’s the same as sticking heroine in your arm and jacking up, if the person is more concerned with how much money they can save or how many pints they can buy with a tenner, they are dependent 

4. Alcoholism has stages and processes just like Cancer but it’s also a lot more complicated in that it affects the neuro-transmitters in the brain, Alcoholism can mimic a whole range of conditions such as BPD, Bi polar, Depression, amongst many, any signs of personality changes

5. Physical appearances such as belly gut, unkempt hair, growing beards, losing hair, red face, blotchy skin, and even hearing problems, gastrointestinal problems are just a few additional warning signs

6. Alcoholics are master manipulators, they lie to hide their addiction.  They pretend that it’s you who has the issue when they are confronted, they are aggressive, nasty and abusive. If you feel you are in danger or you are mentally traumatised by the lies and torment. Walk away and look after your own needs.

7. You can only do as much as you can do. You are not there to save them from their own ruin, no matter how hard this may be. Take a step back and realise the damage. You may never see them again, but that’s there decision not yours. 


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