At 16 you told me you couldn’t take drugs do drugs, you couldn’t comprehend doing that to yourself, by 28 your an Addict and Alcohol is your drug, Do you have what it takes to give your drug up?? Do you have the strength of character and will power to change your life?? 

The sad part about all of this is you uttered these words to me. “My father had to have  hypnotherapy for his addiction”. When you uttered those words could you even comprehend that 10 years down the line you would be faced with the same issue?

At 17 ” I couldnt and would never do drugs, I wouldn’t want to put that in my body”. You were athletic and a gym freak. You even hated getting inebriated. I quote you, ” I like to be in control”

Your an intelligent person. I will give you that. You are not thick by any stretch of the imagination. Surely on some conscious level. You must realise the correlation between amount of alcohol and the symptoms you now face.

Cravings, aggression and withdrawal shakes from not having an ‘alcoholic drink’ have become ‘normal for you’.

You are better than this.

I question though you as a sensitive soul and individual. Do you have the mental fortitude to do what it takes to get yourself off it.

That means changing your views on drink, weening yourself off drink and changing the way you think about life.

It’s all up to you…


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