How alcohol is a drug just like cocaine and is just a band aid for your problems, nothing more than an artificial illusion, take it away then you have to face reality. Without it you are Clark Kent, keep it  your superman, invincible and popular. So why would you give it up??

Why would anyone want to give up their vice. It makes them feel good, adored and popular. Suddenly, you have friends, Your travelling, Your on fire. You look up to people in awe. 

There are no issues at all. suddenly everything in your life is going well?? or is it??

Hey who wants to give up a drug that makes them feel like this. The point is like an antidepressant it’s not real. You are living your life on a drug. The drug controls you. The drug controls your actions. The drug controls your happy, the drug controls your sad. It’s an artificial pick me up and an addiction at the same time.

Did you ever wonder why you lived your whole life being socially awkward now all of a sudden you are a party goer, socialite. 

If I could take a substance that would make me twice as outgoing as I used to be then hell maybe I would think about it.

But no the reality is I am socially quiet and  shy and would never and could never take something that would alter my character.

I know my own character inside and out and I would understand the difference.

It’s easy to get why people wouldn’t want to give it up because it means facing the true reality of themselves and that’s something they don’t want to do.


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