How is the paranoia??, alcohol got you thinking people are looking at you or after you, even deep inside of you, you must know paranoia is a symptom, its the same as what meth does to your brain

Lets just get rid of the labels of Alcoholic and addict because they stop you from gettng help. 

They stop you from understanding that shaking (withdrawal shakes and aggression) are not normal.

Worse though is the paranoia, 18 times looking at pages. The anayltics does the work for me. I know who it is and I know that its just another one of your symptoms  rearing its head.

No I am not after you. No I have not been watching your movements but I do know when you are watching mine.

I have had to put a safe distance between us and maybe one day you might realise   how dangerous your behaviour is. I know you cant help it. Its the Alcohol thats tipped your chemicals hay wire. You were a daft bastard but you were never a dangerous paranoid one.

Alcohol is a drug just like crack. It does the same to your brain.
Recognise it. Dont feel embarassed. 

Fergie was paranoid  too


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